35 k is enough for Thailand | Thailand budget trip | Thailand travel guide

35 k is enough for Thailand | Thailand budget trip | Thailand travel guide

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Hii.. My title is Saurav
This is my eighth vlog of thailand sequence.

Enjoy the vlog and Follow my thailand sequence 🫶♥️
Thailand sequence :
EP – 01 : https://youtu.be/slwtFaxX-TA

EP-02 : https://youtu.be/TtBOpD60fmA

EP – 03: https://youtu.be/EEw_qJzsPmM

EP- 04: https://youtu.be/HfpVF-aWvUA

EP- 05 : https://youtu.be/2-KXL7y3Eok

EP – 06 : https://youtu.be/c2DMWpStyLQ

EP – 07 : https://youtu.be/ezZNGOOr-bU

Thailand entry necessities:
Visa on Arrival – 1 month for indians
Visa payment ( Normal lane) – 2000 baht
Visa payment ( precedence lane ) – 2200 baht

There are 2 line first one is regular and 2nd one is precedence. Go to priorty lane that is trouble free they usually do not ask a lot.

1 Passport measurement picture 4/6 With white background.

You can purchase your travel insurance coverage from Make my trip.

Follow my thailand sequence and plan urs higher.

Visa on Arrival kind :
You can obtain Visa on Arrival from this hyperlink. Make certain you fill this manner prior.

Video add tym – 2 pm

For extra info see the total vlog.

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